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• 26 Lightroom Desktop Presets (xmp + lrtemplate files)

• 26 Lightroom Mobile Presets

• 50min video tutorial

• 10 raw photos (taken by me) for practice (same photos used in the video tutorial)

• 10 high res phone wallpapers

• Installation Guide for Lightroom (PDF)

• Lifetime access to updates whenever available

• Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android & iOS

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These presets will help you speed up your workflow and give your photos a consistent, clean and professional look. What you see is what you get - each preset is named after its most prominent color, following a palette of muted pastel colors that will add amazing tones to your shots.





Who are these presets for?

They are for beginners as well as professional photographers.


What can you expect?

The Master Collection consists of 26 presets with a wide variety of tones and looks. Each preset is different, yet they work together perfectly.


Successfully tested on


RAW and JPEG images from all camera and smartphone manufacturers.



A message from the creator

As a professional photographer and someone who uses Instagram and other social media platforms as a way to present their work to potential clients, having a consistent looking portfolio helps to look more professional and confident. I started out editing every photo from scratch but switched to using presets a few years ago which vastly sped up my workflow and helped me to eventually find my own style.. Below you can see some examples of shots that have been edited with “care4art Master Collection” which I either posted on my Instagram page @care4art or delivered to clients.



See what our presets can do!

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What are Lightroom presets and why should I use them?

Think of it as photo filters for your jpeg and raw images. The care4art Lightroom presets were designed to work with both RAW photos from all major camera manufacturers and modern smartphone images. They have been tested and refined for 18 months to help you build a consistent look throughout your protfolio.


What photos do these presets work best on?

The care4art presets work on all kinds of photos and have been tested on hundreds of images submitted by the Instagram community. They can enhance your photos with one click but bear in mind that in most cases you need to fine tune the basic adjustments in Lightroom to get the perfect results. This is due to the fact that every photo is exposed differently and often cameras do not use the perfect white balance settings. The most important adjustments to look at to get the perfect look are the white balance, exposure, highlights, shadows and saturation.


Is it possible to find my own style by using these presets?

Absolutely! These presets were created to give you a solid yet not too overpowering result. If you feel like adding your own twist to the photos, try playing around with the basic adjustments first or look at the HSL/Colors and Split Toning.


Do I need to shoot RAW to make these presets work?

No. While these presets work great on RAW files, they were also designed to work on smartphone images and are therefore perfect to be used in Lightroom Mobile.


Do I need a paid software subscription to use these presets?

If you want to use the Desktop presets with the Lightroom Desktop app, it is required to have an active Adobe subscription. The Lightroom mobile app, however, is completely free and you will not need an active subscription. That means that if you just use the care4art mobile presets, they will give you the exact same results as the desktop presets.


How do I install the presets?

Your presets come with a detailed installation guide for Lightroom, Lightroom Classic and Lightroom Mobile that leads you through the process step by step. You will have them installed in no time!


I have a question that is not listed here.

Please contact us at contact@care4artshop.com or use the contact form on this website.