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Industry leading Photoshop overlays & brushes to add atmosphere to your photos and make them stand out. This bundle contains all 4 ATMOS packs.

One time payment - no subscription!

In detail


• Optically captured clouds, smoke, fog & mist

• Optically captured light rays, flares & spotlights

• Optically captured glass and crystal elements

• Optically captured glow & cinematic lens flares


• 147 high res jpeg overlays (up to 8800px)

• 130 high res Photoshop Brushes (up to 5000px)

• Compatible with Photoshop & Affinity Photo

• Download size: 1.4GB


• Photoshop Action for best looking results

• 50 minute video tutorial on how to use the overlays & brushes in PS

• Installation Guide for Photoshop (PDF)

Optically captured

by high megapixel cameras.

Realistic looking

to give your edits the perfect final touch.

High-res files

up to 8800px on the long edge.

What is ATMOS Bundle?

147 optically captured and high quality jpeg overlays + 130 brushes that can be easily imported into Photoshop (or any similar photo editing software). This package includes a variety of overlays & brushes such as clouds, fog, smoke, mist, light rays, flares, spotlights, glass and crystal elements to give you high quality and ultra realistic results. Soft and feathered edges will make the overlays & brushes work in any position on your photos.

Why get our assets?

All of our assets are shot in-house. None of them are 3D rendered, meaning we shoot all assets in real life with real cameras which give them the realistic look. For that, we use the latest pro model cameras, resulting in unparalleled quality and high-res overlays with up to 8800 pixels on the long edge.

Compatible with?

Photoshop CS6 or newer, Affinity Photo or similar Desktop/Mobile editing software that support different blend modes and Photoshop Brushes. Customer support only available for Photoshop CS6 and newer.

A message from the founder of

As a professional photographer I have been to many destinations and client shoots where the conditions just weren’t right for what we needed. That’s why my team and I decided to create “ATMOS” to enhance your photos (and ours) in a matter of seconds. I regularly use them to take my edits to the next level to stand out in the crowd and to deliver the best possible work to my clients! Below you can see some images that have been edited with “ATMOS” which I either posted on my Instagram page @care4art or delivered to clients.


See our overlays & brushes in action.


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